Tuesday, December 16, 2008

V42 vs V47

My broker hit me with a question that I hadn't considered; the prices of Vagabond 47's are very competitive with the 42, would I consider the larger boat?

For $20K, I get 7 tones more boat.... Really want to hear your thoughts...

Geoffrey Kerr


Anonymous said...

Hello Geoff,
Well if the prices were what they are today back when we got our 42 I probably would have gone with the 47. A full keel was on our origional must have list. Now that I have the 42 I'm very happy with the size and the feel of her in rough seas. I like the look of the 47 more than the 42. It has more of the "pirate" look. When I was doing the blister repair on the hull of our 42 I can tell you I was glad it was not a 47. Ha! That hull on the 42 was big enough! Having sailed our 42 now for over a year I feel its just about as much as the 2 of us can handle, maybe too much at times. Perhaps the 47 wouldn't be that much more but getting in and out of slips in a cross wind of anything over 5 knots is a handfull for just us two. Going in reverse in my 42 is always exciting. These are very heavy boats and are tough to stop once they feel like heading over to a piling while docking. Wish I was about 50 pounds heavier and 20 years younger. She just laughs at my 140 pounds trying to hold her off. I really don't need another 7 tones although the results would be the same. Anyway just some thoughs. I've fallen for my 42 now so there is no going back. Good luck. John & Ruth, s/v Eleanor Rigby, 1984 42 Vagabond

Kris, SY Valiant M said...

Hi Geoff! I had some ideas on this: both fabulous boats. The V47 I feel is more a family boat and needs a larger crew...so that can work nicely. I dont know what your marina fees are like but you will be in a higher category with the 47...that is a year on year cost to consider - do you need all the space? V42s are pretty big enough? If you look at hull designs I think she is much to single hand in a Marina (as I do) so I would certainly fit a bowthruster if doing that(as I plan for my 42 - all the bits are sitting there ready for next haul out..)

Having said all this my friend actually sailed one and said they were a fabulous stable cruiser... Best Kris

GeoffKerr said...

Many thanks to both of you. Your comments confirm my suspicions and are VERY helpful. Unless I find the "deal of the centery", I'm keeping my search with the 42'.

Happy New Year and fair seas for 2009. It can only get better.